VictronConnect v5.26 – Why is the charger off?

Today we are releasing VictronConnect v5.26. It adds a feature internally dubbed the “MPPT off reason”, which explains to the user why their solar charger is not charging. This is a frequently asked question and one that is not often easy to answer. To answer it properly, multiple parameters need checking, as well as detailed knowledge about the installation; requiring a lot of back-and-forth communication between the user and the technician. Not anymore! Now, VictronConnect indicates precisely why the solar charger is not charging. And where relevant assures that there is nothing to worry about – or hints at what to check when a fault is suspected. One of the most common reasons for not charging is that the PV voltage has not reached the required 5 Volts above the battery voltage, in order to start charging. This is normal in the morning, or evening, or at night – and is nothing to worry about. But it can also indicate a wiring issue, or even an incorrectly-dimensioned system: too few panels in series, for example. (By the way, this is explained in detail in this recent video!). Another common reason for Solar chargers to be off is that they have been disabled by a BMS – battery full. Again – nothing to worry about.
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