We make every effort to provide our customers with products that look the same as the images displayed on our website pages. However from time to time there might be slight difference as product designs update. We work hard to update our website descriptions and images as soon as we aware of noticeable variations in our products that customers may find unacceptable.

You can view your sales receipt information, including copies of your receipts on the Billing page.

Please be aware that this is only possible if you signed up online. In all other cases or if you have any questions related to your sales receipts, you can reach out to our billing team directly through

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If an item is out of stock, we try hard to restock within 2 weeks. However, please understand that restock times will vary greatly because some of the supplier’s we work with import certain items.

Shipping options are provided on the check out page. We work with national courier companies so orders can be shipped anywhere in South Africa.