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Top-class energy solutions require character planning and implementation. All procedures must be coordinated exactly with one another. Only then is our work carried out. That is why we provide a comprehensive technique for our customers and partners.

This indicates:

Financial Solutions

Tax Benefits

Section 12B provides for an accelerated capital allowance (as opposed to the five year write-off period in section 12B) on the cost of the asset and can be claimed in full, even if the asset is used for only part of the year of assessment. In effect, it equates to a 28% discount on the price of the solar system.

Solar PV is VAT deductible. VAT registered entities can deduct the VAT portion of the solar PV system.

Fascinating inventive green money related instruments are accessible in the market. These comprise of commercial bank funding, Property Assessed Clean Energy, Pay As You Save and power purchase agreements.

How is the 12B Tax Allowance calculated?

A business could save R266 000 on annual tax return when implementing a solar solution that will cost R950 000.

With this incentive, you can deduct the value of your new solar power system as a depreciation expense from your company’s profits. This means that your company’s income tax liability will be decreased by the same value as the value of the installed solar system.

This is a direct saving of 28% on the purchase price from day one on the solar system!

Business annual net profit (R2 million)

Without 12b

R2 000 000


R560 000

Tax payable
Using 12b

R2 000 000

(R950 000)

R1 050 000


R294 000

Tax payable

*** Money saved using 12B:
R560 000 – R294 000 = R266 000 saved ***


At Big Battery Company we strive to provide the best solutions for our clients within budget and to specification. We were formed due to the needs for large scale energy storage solutions but we have increased our offerings in the solar market due to demand.
We have the correct energy solution for every one of your needs.

The solutions

System Architectures

The Big Battery Company offers various systems architectures in order to meet the performance and budget expectations of our clients. Each solution has its inherent advantages and downfalls but it remains our duty to guide the client through the options.

GRID-TIE: Generate power during daylight hours.

HYBRID: Combination of the Grid-tie & Battery Back-up system.

OFF-GRID: Make solar energy your only form of power - totally eliminate yourself off the network.

BATTERY BACK-UP: Keep your fundamental loads running when there is no grid available.

Our suppliers

We at Big Battery pride ourselves on thinking innovatively and building strong relationships, to ensure that we only supply world-class products to our clients. We are your trusted partner, we always deliver supreme quality products.